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Massage Treatments & Services Noosa

Below is an overview of the services from Jodi at Pure Health Massage.

Jodi has been treating clients for over twenty two years, with many different services to help alleviate stress and pain for her clients, helping them feel lighter, more relaxed and at ease.

If at anytime, you have any questions, please call or text Jodi on 0416 213 725.

Please Note: 

The first time you come in, we do need to have an initial consultation. 

This doesn't need to be too involved if you don't want.

We do need to have your relevant personal details; name, date of birth, postal address, how we can help, what type of treatment you'd like, any allergies or related medial history etc.
This is something we need to do to help you, as well as for our professional and indemnity requirements.

Your Investment:

Initial Consultation with 30 Minute Treatment $80

30 Minute Remedial Massage Treatment $70

Initial Consultation with 60 Minute Treatment $110

60 Minute Remedial Massage Treatment $99

Initial Consultation w 90 Minute Treatment $155

90 Minute Remedial Massage Treatment $145

Initial Consultation and 120 Minute Treatment $200

120 Minute Remedial Massage Treatment $189

Investment includes GST and 100% pure essential oils.

Gift Vouchers are also available to spoil someone special and can be emailed for your convenience.
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Pure Health Massage clients enjoy the Health Point system (similar to Hicaps) which is available for most health funds to give back immediate rebates for our treatments.

We enjoy tailoring each treatment to each clients needs on the day.

Some people just wish to drift away into a relaxed bliss… certain essential oils together with body massage, Indian Scalp massage and Reflexology is a perfect combination for this.

Other clients may have deep seated issues or pain that requires looking at the causes, such as your sleeping or postural patterns. 

Deep Tissue Massage, with a few tailored exercises and stretches to do at home, is fantastic for rebalancing the body and alleviating pain.

Mostly clients like to experience a balance of both.

A good clearing massage with some beautiful TLC and pampering to finish the treatment.

Please let us know the type of treatments you'd like and we can ensure that you leave feeling happy and relaxed.

  • Aromatherapy

    Remedial Massage is a traditionally about creating a ‘remedy’ for ailments.

    As mentioned above, a combination of techniques can be used for all sorts of issues, be it insomnia, muscular pain or something else. Deep tissue, aromatherapy, and clearing the issues that cause the pain are some of the best ways to help our clients feel better.

  • Remedial Massage

    Remedial Massage is a traditionally about creating a ‘remedy’ for ailments.

    Remedial Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage

    Deep Tissue Massage is a very specific set of techniques that clear the deeper musculature to rebalance the body and help you feel better, recovery faster, have more flexibility and feel lighter. These techniques also clear both stagnant blood and lymph through the tissues to help you heal faster.

    Cupping can be used in conjunction with our treatments to draw out any residual damage in any musculature, usually a result of a specific injury or long standing issue. Deep Tissue has been my area of speciality since January of 1997. I absolutely love the results we can achieve with this.

    Cupping therapy
    Cupping therapy
  • Reflexology

    Reflexology is traditionally done through the feet although many clients thoroughly enjoy having their hands massaged as well. Through the feet there are fourteen and a half thousand nerve endings that just relate to muscles, organs and glands in the rest of the body. Massaging the feet is a wonderful way to look after them after all they do for us, as well as encourage healing through the whole body as well...

    A wonderfully relaxing treatment.

  • Life Skills

    Life Skills incorporates nutrition, postural realignment, healthy habits and the ability to process life and stress to help achieve a well balanced, content, happy and nourished life. Often the stresses we hold in our bodies are a reflection of our minds. Many clients say they come in for conversation about various things as much as the massage treatments themselves.

    Life Skills


Pure relief from just one massage!
I need to share with others how thankful I am to Jodi Drysdale from Pure Health Massage. As a Mum to very heavy 1-year-old baby, my back started to protest and one morning I could hardly get out of bed from the pain in my lower back and down one leg. I tried to push through the pain with stretching and gentle exercise with no relief. I called Jodi and she squeezed me in for an appointment that day in her lunch time and after an incredible remedial, strong and beneficial massage I walked out of there with only a hint of pain that continued to disappear as the hours wore on. It is now two weeks later and I am still pain free after just the one massage! Massive Thanks to a true professional, Jodi Drysdale.

Lisa Upton

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Call 0416 213 725 I Suite 3/199 Gympie Terrace, Noosaville QLD 4566 (Upstairs)